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Welcome to Blue Planet Financial

Whether you are an existing client, or a potential one, we hope you will find our website both useful and informative. 

We have designed the site to cater for both the quick browser and also the reader who wants to see a bit more background information. You will therefore see an overview of each of the advice areas, followed by a link to contact us, should you wish to do so. 

For the visitor wanting a little more reading material, scrolling down each page will reveal more detail about that area. We hope will interest you, and perhaps inspire you to get in touch with us (after all, as you might expect with other professionals, your first consultation with us is free of charge).


You will also see one heading entitled ‘Money Mover’. As a company (and as individuals) working in several countries, we found we were always at the mercy of the banks, when making international money transfers. We never really knew what exchange rates were being used, until we saw our statements. We also often lost track of where our money actually was once it had left one account, but hadn’t yet arrived in the other! To combat this, we tied up with Money Mover, a company that specialises in international transfers. We also realised that many of our international clients were experiencing the same problems, so we have now set up an arrangement to give others access to this facility.

It’s free to sign up, there are no fees, and you can use it as much or as little as you wish – You don’t even have to be one of our clients! If you make international transfers, why not have a look at the link? You’ve nothing to lose, but potentially much to gain!

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