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Cut the cost of your international payments today

Blue Planet Financial has partnered with Money Mover, a UK-based financial technology firm specialising in online FX and international payments.

Money Mover’s powerful but intuitive web application was designed to provide exceptional transparency, functionality and pricing. It offers fast, secure payments in 25+ currencies and a range of tools to simplify all your cross-currency requirements. Payments can be sent same day and rates guaranteed for up to 12 months forward.

Setting up an account is free and there are no membership fees or contracts. It is authorised and regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).


Move funds between your currency bank accounts


Free to register - you only pay when you send money


Make same day payments


Make international payments to any third party (to pay suppliers and settle invoices)


Cut your transaction costs by up to 90%


Lock-in rates for up to 12 months in the future

International Payments Simplified

Secure, low-cost international payments for Blue Planet Financial clients

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Very easy to use, transparent, and cost effective. Also great customer support. Five Stars all around.

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