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About Us

What is our background?


We first developed Blue Planet Financial as an international arm to complement our UK-based (& UK-regulated) domestic financial practice. Having grown out of sole trading businesses in the 1990s, we established our company in 2001, and then became interested in exploring the offshore market, in around 2010. 


As a result, we went on to set up an International Business Company (IBC) and, as Blue Planet Financial, we have now evolved into a wholly internationally-based financial consultancy / broker. Many of our customers are people whom we would term “internationally-mobile”. They may be ex-patriots, living and/or working in a country other than that of their origin. They may have retired abroad (or have already chosen to retire abroad, but not yet finished working in their own land). Perhaps they were once ex-pats somewhere who have since returned back to their own countries. They may be people whose jobs take them to many different nations, or simply people who have interests in more than one country.


We have examples of all the above sorts of clients, and have a good understanding of their particular needs. We are therefore confident that we can apply this understanding to your needs, too.


As well as our own expertise within the business, we also have access to an enviable range of professionals in associated fields, including trust & tax experts, legal associates and accountancy professionals – in several different countries – with whom we work closely to achieve our clients’ financial goals.


So what can we do for you?

Read on. . .

As fully-independent, international financial advisers, we work on your behalf, rather than on behalf one company (or a collection of only a few companies). Since we are effectively working for you, it means we only have your objectives at heart. We don’t have to try and ‘fit’ you into the nearest product that we have available to us (as advisers working for only one, or a limited number of companies would have to do). If there is a more suitable product in the international market place, we can usually access it for you, because we offer a truly whole-of-market proposition.

We also operate a full advice and recommendation service, which means we not only research the market for suitable products, but we also make our recommendation as to which solutions would best suit you. (Of course, when we present our findings to you, the final say always rests with yourself. After all, it’s your money, and we never lose sight of that fact.)


Full Independent Advice

We offer a genuine, whole-of-market proposition, which means we can deal with almost any company which openly practises in the market place, along with many who do not deal with the general public, but only through intermediaries such as ourselves.

Advice & Recommendation

We provide a full advice and recommendation service. This means that we not only research the market place for the best solution, we also make a recommendation on which course to take (rather than simply presenting you with a list of alternatives and leaving you to make a decision alone).

Treating Customers Fairly

To demonstrate our service promise to you, we give you an overall, broad commitment that we will:

  • treat you as we would expect to be treated ourselves;
  • never take advantage of you;
  • be open and honest;
  • and that if we ever make a mistake, we will quickly correct it.

Managing the Things
We Do Well

Another benefit of our independence is that we can often look after all of your existing financial planning arrangements with your other companies. Most of our clients are very busy – whether they are still working in their own fields of expertise, or they are now enjoying the benefits of their former labours, in retirement. They tend to let us manage the things we do well, and enjoy the facility of having that single point of contact for most of their financial affairs. If you wish, we can write to all your existing financial service providers and (with your authority) ask them to note on their records that we are now looking after you. One of the things this means is that we should be copied in on future statements, etc. meaning we can keep an eye on the bigger picture for you, and advise you accordingly on a holistic approach to your finances. (This also means that you don’t have to spend your time managing different areas of your financial world, as many of them will all be in one place, and you can review them all together.)


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International Payments

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Peace of mind:
You’re in safe hands

As a company, we only offer positions to consultants who are both properly-qualified, and who are already experienced in their fields. Our team of people also need to embody our ethos with regard to integrity, and we adhere to the principles of ‘treating our customers fairly’ (and many of the other tenets which we brought with us from our UK background).

Continual Professional Development (CPD)
Our consultants keep their skills up-to-date through a programme of Continual Professional Development (CPD), meaning we value the importance of keeping up-to-date with current financial events and legislation.

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